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Materials from SFH provide parents and guardians with knowledge and skills needed to protect children against threats to their health and wellbeing. (Image: PWRDF)


Called to Care workbooks: from Africa to Asia

In Nepal two CALLED TO CARE workbooks, developed in Kenya and Malawi, are now being used with faith leaders, school pupils and parents.

Sakriya Sath – the publisher of these workbooks – is a Nepalese NGO and publisher of educational and training materials on topics such as sexual and reproductive health, with a special focus on the information needs of poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities.  It is particularly dedicated to the production of training materials in the national language, Nepali.

With financial support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and technical support from the Strategies for Hope Trust, Sakriya Sath published…

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Angélique and Patrick

A very special Congolese couple, who produced the DVD L'Espoir est un pouvoir (Hope is Power).

‘Call to Me’  launched in Myanmar

Call to Me: how the Bible speaks in the age of AIDS, now exists in Burmese!