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The SFH publication, 'The Child Within', helps caregivers promote resilience in orphaned children who have suffered grief and personal loss. (Image: Michael Mistretta)


Developing Creative Minds in Malawi

A youth organisation in Malawi has published a Chichewa edition of a Called to Care training manual.

In Malawi, as in many other African countries, there is still a serious lack of information about HIV and AIDS, sex and gender issues, especially in local languages.  A small youth organisation in Blantyre, Youth Activists Initiative Organisation (YAIO), decided to confront this problem head-on.  Their motto, ‘Developing Creative Minds’, is an apt description of their ideals.

Despite having no publishing experience, YAIO applied to the German Catholic aid agency, Misereor, for financial assistance to translate and publish an edition…

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Strategies for Hope: 27 Years On

The Strategies for Hope Trust has published its Annual Review for the 12 month period April 2015 – March 2016.

Called to Care workbooks: from Africa to Asia

In Nepal two CALLED TO CARE workbooks, developed in Kenya and Malawi, are now being used with faith leaders, school pupils and parents.